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Haptic Exhibition

From the entire exhibition, Water Pachinko is my favorite ! I could stare at it for long, long time, just watching the water…

Here and here () more images, the exhibition site and in Glasgow


Baby jacket, originally uploaded by S.Estevam.

This jacket is very special for me in many ways. It’s a project from the book that P. gave me, so it’s because of him that I started knitting. It was my first project and it was the first jacket my baby wore, the day we came home from hospital the jacket almost covered the baby from head to toe and the sleeves had to be folded in half!

The pattern is from Essential baby, by Debbie Bliss (again! Pure coincidence! Both books were presents from different people…)

baby blanket, originally uploaded by S.Estevam.

This is my second knitting project. The first is too big to be in use!
The pattern of this blanket is from Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss, on the other side, to make it warmer, I have put some flannel that I had left.

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