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I started this jacket in June, around the time of the Eurocup, when I was (impatiently) waiting for the baby to arrive…

I had seen the wool on sale in John Lewis but I thought that making something out of it would be much of challenge for me, as my 3rd knitting project, but I fell in love with the wool that I couldn’t stop thinking about and I went to buy it the next day.

It must look like I adore Debbie Bliss, yes I do like her patterns but it’s just coincidence that all my projects so far have been her patterns. P. gave me a book, then a friend another book and then the wool, one more Debbie Bliss book, this time Donegal Tweed. The pattern is Kilrean but I made a few changes: I’ve put pockets (cause they are always handy!); I shortened (cause I didn’t have all the wool required); I wanted buttons (cause chances are I would loose the belt and I think is warmer that way); and I cast on and knitted one raw with a different colour.

I’m very pleased with it and it is very warm.


Colours of the Silk Road: Suzani embroideries from UzbekistanBurrel Collection until Sunday 4th January 2009

Suzani Embroideries

The word Suzani means needlework and it refers to a type of embroidery what is today Uzbekistan. Embroidered wall hangings, bed covers, cushions, etc were part of a girls’ dowry that she would take to the marital house once married.

Stripes of cotton sewed together were handed to the draughtswoman whom would draw the patterns by hand with only a circular object as aid, her position usually had been inherited from mother to daughter throughout the generations. The draughtswoman and the family who had requested the work would discuss the subject together; once draw the pieces of fabric would be separated to be embroidered by the women and then rejoined once finished.

Patterns were applied by their symbolic meanings and influenced by all sort of things traded in the Silk Road, specially in Bukhara and Samarkand.

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