I started this jacket in June, around the time of the Eurocup, when I was (impatiently) waiting for the baby to arrive…

I had seen the wool on sale in John Lewis but I thought that making something out of it would be much of challenge for me, as my 3rd knitting project, but I fell in love with the wool that I couldn’t stop thinking about and I went to buy it the next day.

It must look like I adore Debbie Bliss, yes I do like her patterns but it’s just coincidence that all my projects so far have been her patterns. P. gave me a book, then a friend another book and then the wool, one more Debbie Bliss book, this time Donegal Tweed. The pattern is Kilrean but I made a few changes: I’ve put pockets (cause they are always handy!); I shortened (cause I didn’t have all the wool required); I wanted buttons (cause chances are I would loose the belt and I think is warmer that way); and I cast on and knitted one raw with a different colour.

I’m very pleased with it and it is very warm.