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baby sweater

Pattern: Debbie Bliss – Simply Baby (oh no, again!)

Só usei 3 novelos de lã que comprei em saldos (o livro pede por 5!), as mangas ficaram um pouco compridas (o que não é mau de todo) mas o corpo ficou muito curto e não gosto muito do decote.

A proxima já vem a caminho, desta vez fui buscar um livro à biblioteca…


queijo de figo
quentes e boas

Muito, muito boas…

Só de estar aqui!

O queijo de figo da minha avó e que depois me dá muito bem enroladinho na folha de alumínio, as castanhas assadas, que apesar de as ter feito nao se comparam em nada com as de cá…

Ah, e este teclado, poder escrever em português como deve de ser…..


It’s hard to believe that I’m flying soon, soon, soon…

I can’t stop thinking about it, all the sweets and friends and family and oh, all so good!


Behind I’m leaving a few presents, I just took pictures of this two and I still have so much to do… like packing.



I can’t remember for sure how many of this bags I have made for friends and family. The idea is the same as the Charlie bag on burda, although I have made my own measurements. I first saw the use of bias tape in Needled, I thought it was a very good idea, I used it inside the bag too because my sewing machine is not making the zigzag stitch (for more than a year…) so I can’t overcast the edges but I think it is a perfect finishing like that.

I thought that it would be this year that I would make fabric bags to wrap the presents but time management is not my speciallity… so instead I used 100% recycled paper and ribbons.


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