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Earth Day

Earth Day

” Like winds and sunsets, wild things were taken for granted until progress began to do away with them. ” – Aldo Leopold

“What will we tell our descendants? That we finished off the natural resources and that certain species no longer exist; that the non-renewable resources have been extinguished, that there are no minerals, that there is no clean water?” – Ailton Krenak

Earth Day


sun jar

sun jar

O Sun jar é carregado com a luz do sol, tem um dispositivo que liga automáticamente quando fica escuro e emite uma cor azul linda!

Mas também há em amarelo e cor-de-rosa.

new shoes

Melissa shoes com créditos de amigos do ambiente.


Melissa shoes with sustainable credits.

É hoje. Desligar as luzes às 8.30 da noite (hora local) durante uma hora para mostrar que apoiamos esta causa.


Earth Hour



Afinal sou mais ecológica do que pensava: mais uma razão para não passar a ferro.

Vou experimentar este Homemade deodorante

As I was checking the site LoveFoodHateWaste (via Metro, May 27) I saw the newsletter of Tree Hugger entitled: The War on Waste, that’s when I realised that it’s actually a campaign

About the site I really like the way the recipes are presented, we just choose the food that we need to use and delicious recipes came up.

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